Making Messes

It seems like every time I cook, I make an inordinate amount of messes. And I can’t for the life of me figure out why. It’s not that I’m extremely careless. At any rate, I am supremely grateful for aprons. Whoever invented those useful things ought to get a prize.

That being said, my latest endeavor into the wilds of my kitchen resulted in a messy, but slightly delicious coconut cake.


And let me add something for impressiveness’ sake. I used *fresh* coconut. Yes. I got a real, hairy, brown coconut and cracked it with a hammer, saved the juice and everything, and wrestled mightily with the beast for another half hour for its meat. It was quite an ordeal. I wouldn’t recommend it, and I think next time I get an urge to concoct one of these I will use pre-grated. There is something so convenient about processed foodstuffs.



3 thoughts on “Making Messes

    • OtterMei says:

      Actually my mother doesn’t either, but she liked this! Fresh coconut really does have a different flavor than the stuff one normally sees.

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