the ol’ blue lorry

Lorry…..British: MOTORTRUCK


As I was driving home from school yesterday, I happened to spot this truck sitting out in a field with a “For Sale” sign laying against it. Though probably not the safest thing to do when driving, I did a complete double-take, for the full magnificence of the vehicle did not immediately register. A wonderful bright blue, clean and crisp, and of a make reminiscent of those little trucks Europe was littered with back in the eighties.

I nearly stopped right then and there to explore. Unfortunately I had to work, but I resolved to go back the next day, that being today, and get a closer look. I only prayed it wouldn’t have sold in the intervening time. Unlikely I know, but it seemed like that would happen.

So today, after classes, I drove slowly down the road leading to the blue glory. Hoping against hope there wouldn’t be anyone around, I parked my car, exited precipitously, and approached the tiny truck, camera in hand.

No sooner had I taken two pictures then another truck expelled an older man. He said a pleasant ‘good morning,’ and approached the truck, presumably with the same intentions I had.

We both examined the truck closely, snapping pictures here and there. The sign on the window said the truck was a 1965 FORD Econoline. It wasn’t as European up close, but it was still lovely. In superb condition as well, despite its age.




Eventually the seller of the truck wandered out from his establishment. He was white-haired and quite unremarkable. I mentioned my brother’s old truck and made some cursory, appreciative remarks, hoping to sidle away quickly. He lauded it’s virtues, of course, and mentioned the wonderful engine and handling of it. Fortunately, the other man soon made his move to leave, and I headed back as well.

It was a bit of an adventure. I have never before looked at a car for sale on the side of the road like that. Of course I wouldn’t trust that car as far as I could throw it, but it looked decent enough. One can always dream.



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