something funny… being bored

This evening I was incredibly bored, so my boyfriend sent me a video.

Copyright Julian Smith.

It made me laugh. I’ve seen it before, but somehow, it makes my boredom seem less…boring.



like a gypsy…boho inspired

I was going through my blogroll the other day and this guest post, on Her Library Adventures, really reminded me how much I love the bohemian culture.

picture courtesy of

I picked up this book randomly at the library one day, and was so glad I did. Ever pick up a decorating book purely to look at pictures? That’s usually what I do. And this one was chock full of lovely rooms stuffed with colorful patterns and Turkish ornaments.

They also have a Flickr group dedicated to the book and anything it’s inspired. .

picture copyright lakbdesign/fergusandme on Flickr.

Notice the butterfly chandelier. I really really want one.

Gypsy Moon Designs on Etsy has a lot of intricate, ornate jewelry that follows the boho chic theme.

Even though most people think dark, complex, Indian- or Turkish-inspired patterns and themes for bohemian, anything colorful, whimsical or highly ornamental fits the category.

This mock chandelier is so cute and bright.

And this set by Anthropologie is absolutely stunning. I realize it’s a shop, but what I wouldn’t give to live in it.

Bohemian fashion is a little easier to distinguish. Long, flowing dresses, diaphanous shirts and skirts, heavy jewelry and hair ornaments really characterize the style.

Also, in my most recent post, the caravan embroidery done by Three Red Apples fits in quite nicely. It might have been that as well that kick-started my boho obsession.

Call me a hippy: I won’t altogether deny it. If I could live in a retro trailer and wear long dresses everyday and just paint the rest of my life, I would be content.


something beautiful…three red apples

I recently found the shop, Three Red Apples, on Etsy. The lady describes her work as “textile doodles,” and it really seems like she’s just sketching on fabric. I put up some of my favorites of her work.


This one just catches my fancy; there’s something about caravans and gypsies that hearkens back to childhood tales of magic and faraway lands.


And of course my obsession with teapots explains the appeal of this one.


Who wouldn’t chuckle over this: the Union Jack adorned with the quintessential British attitude.

“Keep a stiff upper lip there Jack mate: that’s the ticket.”


umbrella skirts (??)

So recently I stumbled across this Re-Style article. It caused my own eyebrows to ascend to new heights; but someone may get a whack of real inspiration from it. I’d love to actually see a person wear one. I can imagine the rustling…and hey, waterproof to boot.

I still applaud the ingenuity of the idea. Though I would never wear one, it urges me to look at everyday things with a new eye. I don’t know that I could think of anything as creative as an umbrella skirt though. That’s quite a standard to breach.


some things I need(want)

The grey love life maxi ruffle skirt and Love is a Song necklace from Ruche. I’ve been wanting a maxi skirt for a long time now, and I think I might reward myself with it if I finish a big school project by this weekend. Having a reward system is quite useful when unpleasant tasks loom on the horizon. And right now I have about three, so let’s see…that gives me three things I can buy without feeling guilty…



These items from Topshop. Love love ❤ the florals; and the shoes in powder blue…oh yes. The dress directly above makes me think of a butterfly. Imagine waltzing around town in that garment. I would be such a spectacle of patterned goodness.

The Dive Right In and Sketching Memories dresses from ModCloth. The bird patterned one reminds me of Miu Miu. Remember those divine shoes they had recently? Sadly it’s out of stock currently. Not that I could buy it anyway. And it has a *bow*!  Utter perfection.