aqua and tangerine

In the March edition of InStyle magazine, they showed a picture of Twiggy, that immortal British model, wearing a blue and orange ensemble that is quite captivating.

Aspiring to recapture this look, I went in search of pieces reminiscent of it.

The pair on the left are CLASS ROBERTO CAVALLI, 100% silk drawstring pants. I like them, but they aren’t quite right. The pair on the right, however, are much more what I’m thinking of. Halston Heritage drawstring, also 100% silk.

As for the shirt, I couldn’t get the picture on here, but the one I personally like best is the Pure Aqua Button Front Shirt at LOFT.

This look was so inspiring for me I even pasted it into my blogging notebook, that most special of all special places where I keep my head. It’s rather cluttered, and not at all sensible.


Now, there’s no saying I’d ever be brave enough to leave my house like this. There’s no saying…but I might.



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