well-worn paths

With the coming of warm weather, a higher sun, and brisk winds, I have taken again to traversing the roads of my neighborhood. It’s quite small, being older, but it offers some interesting sights.


At the highest end (there’s no outlet – beware travelers in vehicles) these trees create a forest, beyond which you may see our lake. Well, not ‘our’ in the sense that I own it, but that it’s in close proximity.


Nearby the forest, for whatever reason, my neighbors have a pink mailbox. I think it’s hilariously endearing. I rather want one…


A country fence,


And a ramshackle old barn beyond.



Pink and blue wildflowers on the sides of the road. I know the pink are primroses, but I’m not quite sure what the blue are. I suppose I should find out…


The strange orange and blue barn. Normally there’s a palomino horse head to be seen sticking out; I assume she’s feeling reclusive today. Mares…


Shadows and sunlight under the willow tree.

I love walking. I wish I had more land to cover, and perhaps more scenery.

But feeling the sun on my face, even as bright and brilliant as it is, is soothing.



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