finding father time

Father Time likes to hide from adults. Especially college students. He loves to play that hideous game of hide-and-seek, making us poor undergrads scamper and contort in order to find him. Rather mean of him; he was always good to us when we were children. I suppose it is his way of building character for us, in that we have to work now to find him at all.

“Not enough hours in the day.” How many times do people employ that cliché? How many of them actually mean it? I don’t think there are too few hours or too many. I think God on high knew exactly how many hours we needed.

The problem is when we don’t plan out the hours very well.

I once had a History Prof who actually lectured us for about twenty minutes on how to plan out our days to improve studying and working. It was brilliant. He even handed out a chart he had made for himself when he was in college. It sections out the hours of the day in blocks, allowing one to fill in as needed.

It’s a good idea, though not for anyone who has projects of dubious length. I used it for a while, but found my natural habit of laziness or abhorrence of legalistic schedules a damper. So much for my grand solution.

I like to plan, but planning out certain things for every single solitary hour is, for my type of personality at least, going too far.

What I have learned, however, is to plan chunks of my day. Right now, near the end of the semester, I have a pretty routine schedule. School in the mornings, free time in the afternoon, and work or social life in the evenings. Therefore, I know that most of my homework time is going to be in the afternoon.

This worked pretty well, but now that school is creeping up to finals, and professors feel the need to catapult every assignment on us at once, there simply isn’t enough time. Well, there would be, if I did homework solidly from the time I got home until I left, but that’s asking too much of a mortal soul.

So I have reached a dilemma, and ask that old doge Father Time for a little more consideration. I bet he doesn’t comply, the stinker. I’ll just have to muck along best I can.

ottermei – (vis e.e. cummings)


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