so I need a knitting bag

I really do. My current carriers consist of shopping bags or the little plastic bags my yarn comes in from the yarn store.

knitbag1 knitbag2

As you can see, not extremely attractive or practical. There are no pockets, for one thing. Pity the knitter without pockets! Who knows the sad plight of being pocket-less, until one is rendered into such a sad state?!

I looked into them a leetle, and found some jewels of organized wonderment.

This one from Jordana Paige is amazing. It has many pockets and pouches concealed within its depths, and looks very unassuming and actually quite urban. People would be startled indeed to see me pulling a most grandmotherly wad of yarn and needle out of this fella.

This one is from the Esty shop GetReadySetGo. I like it because it’s *huge*, and vinyl, so it will stand up on its own legs without having to be propped up against anything. This, for the non-knitting readers, means that the yarn will flow smoothly out the head cavity of the bag, rather than getting caught and messing us up entirely.

These were by far the best I found. I searched through other vendors, but most of them involved formless sacks of various patterns that reminded me of childhood pajamas. Kittens and balloons and dinky sayings and such. Not at all sophisticated enough for me. *cough*



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