the in between place

I have two hours between my classes. Rarely do I want to relinquish my parking spot and spend the time anywhere else. I remain at the college. This downtime affords a myriad of opportunities. I may write here, as I am now, I may do homework, I may read a book, I may even take a nap.

From where I sit now, I can see the trees outside, blowing in the strong wind. We had a storm last night, and so everything looks washed and clean. The leaves are such a bright, vivid green, almost unnatural, and the sky is a pure, pale blue. The sunlight is brilliant on the white concrete. I am perfectly content to sit thus, contemplating the scenery, watching people pass me by and throw a quizzical glance at my borrowed yellow skinny jeans, and type out what I am doing here.

In between places are best. The out of the way nooks we find when we are between something. Lots of in between places. We live in a world of purgatory.

I think my head is stuck in in between places most of the time. I can never run on one thread at one time. It must always mesh and weave with a million other thoughts.



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