some things I need(want)

The grey love life maxi ruffle skirt and Love is a Song necklace from Ruche. I’ve been wanting a maxi skirt for a long time now, and I think I might reward myself with it if I finish a big school project by this weekend. Having a reward system is quite useful when unpleasant tasks loom on the horizon. And right now I have about three, so let’s see…that gives me three things I can buy without feeling guilty…



These items from Topshop. Love love ❤ the florals; and the shoes in powder blue…oh yes. The dress directly above makes me think of a butterfly. Imagine waltzing around town in that garment. I would be such a spectacle of patterned goodness.

The Dive Right In and Sketching Memories dresses from ModCloth. The bird patterned one reminds me of Miu Miu. Remember those divine shoes they had recently? Sadly it’s out of stock currently. Not that I could buy it anyway. And it has a *bow*!  Utter perfection.



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