child’s dream

This post is about all things childish and wonderful. I’m always planning out my (future!) child’s rooms and clothing and names and whatnot, as anyone does, and when I run across rooms like this one, I tend to get very girly and excited. Think lots of hand-clasping and ‘ooohs’ escaping. My organ of adoration for the incredibly adorable is quite large.

This site has absolutely the most endearingly precious clothes one could imagine. Now, I say nothing for the practicality of buying extremely expensive, extremely stylish apparel for kids. To do so would throw some questionable light on my mental faculties of reason and so on. But one can appreciate it for its purely aesthetical charm.

Plus they have some really nice, old-fashiondey like toys and such. And apparently they will soon boast some interior decorations as well.

This little room is something I would almost fancy even now. With the lovely patterned quilt, the antique chair, the painted dresser, even the owl sitting owlishly on top: I see elements of adulthood here. Or perhaps I have remnants of childhood. Hmm…




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