3 days of…/ pt 1

Stuff and nonsense. Pretty much perfectly describes what went on this past weekend, and especially the first day; Friday. Courtney Rae and I headed out of town Friday last to spend the 3 days of week-end fame flea marketing, staying at a bed and breakfast, and generally being agreeable.


First things first. Which would be food, naturally. We ate at Ikea. Yes, we specifically went to a furniture store to eat. And that Courtney needed a new comforter was secondary. Seriously, that food is divine.


We did do a bit of perusing. Just a bit.


From there we headed to the nearest mall to do a teensy spot of shopping. And I’m not being facetious here for once. Really, one dress, one store.

And after that we went to Starbucks. We spent an awful lot of time at Starbucks this weekend. I think I’m in love with that place.


We saw an awesome orange VW van. I think Courtney was tempted to steal it. Or something.


I, being the weird nerd that I am, had to take a picture of this strange moth I saw. It just stayed there, so maybe it was fake. I dunno. I did find out though that this is the Giant Leopard Moth. Pretty darned fascinating if I do say so myself.


Stay tuned for Part 2! Coming sooooon…..



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