3 days of…/ pt 2

Saturday. A day of sunburns and brass knuckles. And baths.

We began latish. Woke up around 10 I believe. Had a glass of wholesome raw milk for breakfast, then proceeded to an organic burger joint for lunch.


Does the background remind anyone else of the Mystery Machine of Scooby-Doo fame? Because that’s all I think about when I see it.


(This one is sort of embarrassing.)

From there we went to the Flea Market. It was quite an ordinary market, with quite ordinary stuffs, but, as is also ordinary, there are a few extraordinary things to be found. Like brass knuckles, feather earrings, Girl Scout cookies, and teapots shaped like clocks.


There were a ton of old windows and doors. Courtney Rae was looking for some, but decided not to buy any there. How on earth would we have fit them into my sedan, I wonder?


After the flea market we headed to Starbucks. Again. A different one this time though. Closer to our B&B. Check-in wasn’t until four, so we had hours to kill. Starbucks was definitely a savior on this trip.


(You can sort of see the feather earrings I bought at the market.)

When we did check-in, we were greeted by a very sweet couple behind the lace-curtained door of an old blue and white mansion.


I, quite stupidly, only got a few pictures of the interior and none of the exterior. I guess I was just too bowled over?


It was definitely lovely, and I fully utilized the whirlpool tub in the elegant bathroom. It was ornate but tasteful, although our room was a little dark for my tastes. Like red wine, heady and stupefying.

I’ll do another post about my purchases. They are just too fabulous to be added in willy-nilly here.

Anywho, part 3 coming SOON!



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