3 days of…/ pt 3


The last day was spent very enjoyably, as the two previous days were. We journeyed to the little downtown our B&B was attached to, and as it was Sunday, were forced to only window shop. As most of the shops were dinky antique and gaudy clothing stores, it wasn’t too much of a disappointment. Although I did feel quite put out when I saw the old Book shop.


The weather was chilly for May, but the sun soon warmed us through.




I love quaint downtowns. And Sundays are lovely for strolling, since very few fellow shoppers venture out on that day.


The weekend was just what I needed after finals. A nice break from real life; a foray into old-fashioned charm and trinkets.



2 thoughts on “3 days of…/ pt 3

  1. Summer says:

    Is this downtown McKinney? It looks exactly like it:) or did you say where you went and I missed it? I love your blogs Audra Mae, I’m hopelessly addicted to reading them

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