much of a muchness

Ever get a flash of inspiration? What does it look like for you? For me, it looks like a small streak of light that enters my ear, circles around the back of my brain and then explodes into a mushroom cloud behind my eyes. It’s that sudden. Subtle at first; then the ‘eureka!’ moment. Doesn’t come very often: I had one today.

Future art projects and lots of motivation to do them. That’s one thing I find lacking most days. Yes, my head is full to bursting with colorful ideas, but hunching down and actually DOING them is beyond me sometimes. Every now and then though, I get these flashes and set to forthwith with haste and vigour.

Summertime is good for organizing and getting one’s life back in order. Sure, people may applaud spring cleaning, but for college students, that coincides with finals or spring break, and neither week is really conducive to any kind of ‘cleaning’.

So with motivation and inspiration comes cleanliness and organization. Until I mess it all up again with projects…




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