honeybees and thistledown


Summer has descended upon us, with all its usual vengeance and blunt force. Walking from store to store, the air sends its hot breath of welcome like a hairdryer. Yet there is something so vital in the heat; like feeling the knowledge of your own life through pain. And yes, I am saying that heat is a pain. A large, unwieldy and cumbersome pain.

But summer is a good time to get things done. For starters, I have no school this term, as I decided (go me and my indomitable creativity) that I would not go this time. As I have for the past two years. Ugh.

So instead, I started a nice thought-list of things to get done. Not to do. To get done. Big difference there.

So, after nearly a month, have I gotten anything done? Well, sort of. I have settled down to a semi-consistent pattern, and certain circumstances have fizzled to a steady murmur of disruption, and now I can set to my plans with haste. So I say.

I have a list of things to save for: another road-trip (hazy), a telescope of globular proportions (spiffy), a high-quality camera ($$$), Lego robotics (nerdvana), and a home weather station (yeah, I don’t know why either).

And I daily try to dig for inspiration and motivation for art and crafting and such. Curse me and my fickle, on-and-off relationship with creativity. I shall wrestle you into something workable, fiend!

Oh, and something cute from Jenzet.



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