it might get hairy

Recently, I’ve been noticing a bit of a surge in the colored hair industry. No longer are crazy, non-hair hues reserved for punks or rockers. No, delicate, vintage, feminine fashion fiends are also embracing this trend, albeit in colors more suited to their style.

This is my personal favorite so far, from OpiumPoppies. Lavender is my current favorite color, and there is not much I wouldn’t give to be allowed to do this myself. Alas…



sneak peek


Here’s a peek at what is going to occupy my spare time in the next few days/weeks. Tonight I hope to begin on that divine little chain and that heavenly purple yarn. Now, if you’re very, very smart, you might be able to guess what I’m doing. Otherwise, be in suspense for a while.

The drawings and text below are for another project that shall remain nameless. But lemme tell you, I am so stoked about it.



the voice of the rain

The Voice of the Rain

By Walt Whitman

And who art thou? said I to the soft-falling shower,
Which, strange to tell, gave me an answer, as here translated:
I am the Poem of Earth, said the voice of the rain,
Eternal I rise impalpable out of the land and the bottomless sea,
Upward to heaven, whence, vaguely form’d, altogether changed, and
yet the same,
I descend to lave the drouths, atomies, dust-layers of the globe,
And all that in them without me were seeds only, latent, unborn;
And forever, by day and night, I give back life to my own origin,
and make pure and beautify it;
(For song, issuing from its birth-place, after fulfilment, wandering,
Reck’d or unreck’d, duly with love returns.)


This month I have severely missed the rain. We are under extreme drought conditions, and it’s not only the ground that feels it. I dream about rain. I think about its smell and taste and feel. I think, when it comes, I will do something crazy, like dance around with bare feet and head and laugh wildly. I don’t know about you, but every now and then, I wish the sun would just go away, and let the rains fall down.


hush now, and listen


Today, my honey and I went on a date in the park, and it got me athinking. (Randomness – verbs are so much better with ‘a’ in front of them.) Do you ever stop and listen to the world? I don’t mean just nature, although that has much to offer in both noises and environs. But the world itself, with all of its people and inventions and winds and heat: so much to hear.

Roll down your windows next time you’re stopped by a train. The claxon scraping of metal on metal is thrilling, and, for me at least, hearkens back to the day when the great Iron Horse was king. Not that I was alive then, or anything…I’ve just read about those days.

When you walk in the park, don’t just listen to the bugs and birds; listen to the trees. Listen to them whisper and rustle. Listen to the ground shifting, with all the strange cracks and creaks that have no identifiable source.

Listen to heat waves roiling and billowing across concrete and car tops. Listen to the heavy hum of cicadas as they welcome the hot air into summer. I always know when it’s summer because the cicadas start up their horridly fascinating song.

Go to a coffee shop and listen to the people. Yes, this is commonly called eavesdropping, but you needn’t stay if there’s personal content, right? But most of what goes on is phatic phrases and mundane, inane chatter, and it’s so nice to know other people do it too.

Cut some paper, stomp your feet, rub your hands, turn pages in a book, spray some aerosol: just do something. And listen.



listy lists

Well, what with meself being all college-age and whatnot, and having nary a clue of which direction to take, I took it upon myself to make a list of every possible subject that might interest me.


International Relations






Engineering/Design of Everyday things

Electricity/Electrical Engineering



Writing/Children’s Literature









Textile History

Cultural Studies

Tea/Natural Medicine/Herbalism




Now, the only trouble facing me with two spiny claws is which one to pick. Oh the ever-fluctuating dilemmas we nearly-out-of-our-teens face. Thanks heavens I’ve nearly got all the core out of the way.


(You know…because, naturally, my readership wanted to know these things. But, really, because having things written down in front of me in nice, orderly, listy fashion makes decisions that much easier.)