friends are the best cures

Friends are so nice. While I’ve been sick, all of my friends have come and cheered me up so much. It nearly brings me to tears to think I have people who care about me; to go out of their way to make or bring me things or just spend time with me while I’m incapacitated.


Above you can see some of the things that came to me from the arms of my friends. Courtney Rae brought me some cds in custom made covers (highly ingenious….and darned cute). She also brought nerds, because I am her little nerd, or so she says. Abigail Moriah brought me brownies, but I ate too many to take a decent picture…and also her card and cup she decorated for me. It’s the little things that matter, after all. ❤


Some of my other friends have come to watch tv with me. Even if I want to watch the cheesy, really really dumb stuff, they’ll sit through it. Now that’s a loyal friend.

And then today, my wonderful boyfriend took me to a comic book shop, a place he knew I would love. It was magnificent. I might do a post about it. It was that spiffy.

These things cheer me up beyond belief or the power of medicine. Love is, after all, the strongest force in the universe. *wink


Music of the moment: January White – Sleeping at Last


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