project yarn = completed


I’ve had three ginormous tubs of yarn in my closet for nigh on a year now. And despite my best intentions, I haven’t gotten around to sorting it until just now. Having nothing better to do yesterday morning, I thought only a little and dove in before I could think out of it. Result = one and half tubs for myself, and two large bags full of giveaway and donation. Oh black sheep, black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, two bags full.


It’s been one of the biggest regrets of my infirmity that I cannot knit at present. Knitting would aggravate the swollen muscles right now, and so…I sit. And read. Or watch telly. Or blog. About knitting, but unable to knit. I hope you don’t understand my pain. It’s horrid.

Hopefully, with any luck and strong medicine, I will be able to once again take up my needles of truth and restore myself to order. Going through all my yarn spins projects out of thin air and into my head faster than one can say ‘purl’. Soooo many ideas…..


So, in the meantime, I can take pictures of projects in stasis and make lists of more projects to be completed (or half-completed). I think half of my yarn is tied up right now in half-finished articles waiting to be cannibalized. Oh the joys.


Music of the moment: Fairytale Lullaby – Bombay Bicycle Club

If you want to ride a rainbow, come with me
And I will take you to the magic purple sea
And maybe we will find a thousand sugar fish
When you eat them they will grant your every wish


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