the deep beyond


When I got off work today, I stepped into our little atrium and almost froze completely when I viewed the sky. Now, don’t get excited: it wasn’t green or filled with lightning or anything else equally spectacular. It was blue. “Boring!” I hear you say. Nay, nay, it was not, I say. Perhaps it was merely because I had been working for eight hours, surrounded by grey floors, grey walls, and grey work. (Being a retail manager isn’t nearly as glamorous as it sounds, and it doesn’t sound glamorous at all.) And so a splash of pure, natural color thrust upon my optic orbs so suddenly was naturally shocking. At any rate, had to snap a picture. BLUE is such a living color.

It’s like those paintings of color blocks you see. Pure tone. And I swear that is the pure, virgin sky. Not…anything else it might be. I dunno what…but it’s not. It’s sky.


Happy 450th birthday, St. Basil’s Cathedral.


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