niddy-noddies and whirring

Niddy-noddy, niddy-noddy,

two heads, one body.

By the title, can you guess what this post is about? Two points for brownies if you can.

Yeah, that’s right. It’s about spinning! For my graduation present a couple of years ago, as we were walking around the hot, hot pavement at Canton Trade days, mother dearest bought me a lovely Saxony Upright spinning wheel. And then…I carried it. Through heat and dirt and dust and little dogs in carts and screaming children and people with turkey legs and lemonade. I carried that darned heavy thing all the way back to the car. But it was worth the sweat and tears (not my own, the children’s; mostly).


Never mind the fact that I’ve only used it a couple of dozen times in these two years. Or that I’ve only spun about two full bobbins of yarn. Or that neither bobbin-full was any real use. Or that despite all this, I still don’t know what in samhill I am doing.


But hey, for us knitty, crafty coots, just the simple IDEA of spinning yards and yards of fluffy, nubby, ethereal hanks of wool is stimulating and invigorating. So one day I’m sure, when I take a class or something, I will master this age-old art and really spin my own yarn. I have all kinds of ideas for art yarns. With leaves and beads and colors and ridges and bumps and lumps galore.


This book is chock full of lovely “recipes” for yarn. Oooh doesn’t it look wonderfully cloudy and soft?

If you’re wondering what the heck a niddy-noddy is, let me enlighten you. It’s a device used by spinners to create skeins of yarn after spinning.

The rhyme I began with is a simple tune you can skip to. If you so desire.



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