nothing cattier than a cat


For all of us cat companions, (owners simply doesn’t explain the curious relationship we share with the felines), we know that cats can get the better of us. We know that when they squeeze their eyes at us they are simply acknowledging our feeble role in their own lives. We know when they stare at us with eyes nearly closed and seem to sway that they are really just communicating with the deeper laws of nature. When they suddenly seem alert and stare at nothing that a ghost is floating just behind us. When they scrabble along the ground, chasing a line or less, some ritual is being performed. And that above all else, cats are *vain*. When they’ve been spooked or miscalculate a jump, what is to be done? Why, lick the tail of course. As nonchalantly as possible, so that anyone looking may think that’s what they had been doing all along.

I found this print that explains cats just perfectly. We all must toil to understand the catly mind, for it communes not easily with our own, and the delicate balance of human-feline relations depends as much upon our own supply of raw meat tidbits as it does upon the cats goodwill.

Regardless, I know many persons to whom a cat means much, and to whom it would be impossible to imagine a life without them.



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