hush now, and listen


Today, my honey and I went on a date in the park, and it got me athinking. (Randomness – verbs are so much better with ‘a’ in front of them.) Do you ever stop and listen to the world? I don’t mean just nature, although that has much to offer in both noises and environs. But the world itself, with all of its people and inventions and winds and heat: so much to hear.

Roll down your windows next time you’re stopped by a train. The claxon scraping of metal on metal is thrilling, and, for me at least, hearkens back to the day when the great Iron Horse was king. Not that I was alive then, or anything…I’ve just read about those days.

When you walk in the park, don’t just listen to the bugs and birds; listen to the trees. Listen to them whisper and rustle. Listen to the ground shifting, with all the strange cracks and creaks that have no identifiable source.

Listen to heat waves roiling and billowing across concrete and car tops. Listen to the heavy hum of cicadas as they welcome the hot air into summer. I always know when it’s summer because the cicadas start up their horridly fascinating song.

Go to a coffee shop and listen to the people. Yes, this is commonly called eavesdropping, but you needn’t stay if there’s personal content, right? But most of what goes on is phatic phrases and mundane, inane chatter, and it’s so nice to know other people do it too.

Cut some paper, stomp your feet, rub your hands, turn pages in a book, spray some aerosol: just do something. And listen.




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