meet the newcomers

Today, on a sudden whim and with much dilly-dallying because of the heat, I decided to get meself to Hobby Lobby, that ever sale-having emporium of all things trinket-y and craft-y, and buy some journals.

So I did. And then I got home and named them. Top to bottom: Cerise, Penelope, Lavender. *flourishes a bow of introduction


I intend to transfer the contents of my brain to the pages within, and in so doing, perhaps create some order in that organ.

Cerise is to be my list keeper. Shopping lists, project lists, birthday lists, to-dos, must-dos, would like to-dos, etc.

Penelope is a watercolor booklet, so I shall endeavor to find inspiration for tiny adorable sketches of landscapes and people and flowers, I think, because that it what watercolor was meant for. Or perhaps I could paint the clouds outside my window for the next year…as a sort of water vapor tribute type thing.

Lavender will be my best friend and constant companion. Large enough to fill with some good grey cell meat, and yet still small enough to fit comfortably inside any purse of mine, I will paste clippings and write of days and people and altogether have a jolly grand time.

Raise your hand if you get excited about blank pages. Yes? Good.



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