planning does not mean doing

Dear Violet,

What does one do when one is left on one’s own for the night, eh? (That’s a lot of ‘ones’) For moi at least, it’s pretty simple. I plan. Plan plan plan. I love planning. Creating little idea seeds and putting them in bags to be planted later in my noggin.

So tonight, accompanied by Sir Earl Grey and Sir Harry Potter, I will spin fancies, hatch ideas, fry eggs, rattle conventions and shake ground works. And in the words of the great man; “Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!”

But planning rarely equals doing. Still, it’s the thrill of creativity, even if it doesn’t reach the final stage of creation: it’s nevertheless productive and ever so satisfying.

Tonight I will dream about January snow and lots of bulbs and maybe some windmills. Sounds very Amsterdam, doesn’t it? I should read ‘The Silver Skates,’ again.

Norway–Beach House



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