cupcake party

Yesterday, in honor of my birthday, I hosted a smallish cupcake party. It went quite well, for the most part. We actually accomplished two different kinds of cupcakes and only ate til we were bursting…but overall, a large success.






These were the first. Chocolate Cherry, and you can find the recipe here. They turned out to be a heck of a lot messier than we anticipated…so they look terrible, but they tasted great.


These look a little prettier, and were also quite tasty. Lemon Meringue…recipe here.

We had stuff to make a third, which were going to be regular vanilla with apricot jam stuffing and pink icing…but by the time we had eaten all of the above it was difficult to ‘stomach’ the idea of making any more.

Seems like cupcakes are a new fad, and I must say, I am definitely jumping on this bandwagon.



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