the pen is mightier


The pen is mightier than the sword. Is it? I would be unconfident to find out in a duel, but I suppose the figurative meaning of the phrase is that persuasive arguments, philosophy, and the like have influenced history more than wars or acts of violence…Which is still debatable, but being an avid writer, I won’t contest it too much with reason.

Finding myself again switching hobbies, I have moved on from my fiendish crafting obsession and back to the realm of words, syntax, semantics and all around English goodies. Be warned, reader, for ahead lay essays, critiques, short stories of questionable sense and monstrous words of great length.

I suppose I will still intersperse the occasional fashion tidbit or what have you, but for a while at least, I will be concentrating on stretching my mental writing faculties.



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