5 Browns

I’ve long loved the 5 Browns. I once heard them live, (five grand pianos on stage: it was breath-taking) and I can never get over the intensity of sound they produce.

The above clip is a recording, so the quality isn’t outstanding, and apparently it was an impromptu performance, so one of the pianos is out of tune. Still, positively invigorating.

Classical music is supposedly good for the brain. I don’t doubt it, but it certainly goes against the old adage of, “if it’s good for you, it’s awful.”



2 thoughts on “5 Browns

  1. OtterMei says:

    Haha as must I! I find that if I do my work or writing whilst listening to complex classical, I can concentrate better and find myself more inspired. Holst is especially effective for getting the blood up. Try his “Mars, the Bringer of War.” Sweeping and majestic.

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