short story: nuage

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a cloud. Every day she would pass over beautiful towns and landscapes and sigh in wonder and longing at the sights below. She was sad often, for she always saw people going about on the lands, moving and laughing, living interesting lives, and having many adventures.

She was sad because she could only sit on her cloud and fly by the lovely scenes, never staying to look long. Wind, her friend (though she didn’t always like him) would be blowing her off just when she was enjoying herself.

Occasionally, a kite would climb high to meet her, and she would stretch as far she could and try to catch it. Or sometimes a stray balloon would drift lazily by, and though she could reach them, they were too slippery to hold. Or perhaps it were her fingers that wouldn’t close.

One day, as she was passing over a very brown land, she saw many people standing below, looking up at the sky. They looked wistful and many were crying. The little cloud girl became so sad that a few tears pooled in her eyes and dripped off her nose. The drops began to fall, and though she tried to catch them, they fell to the people below. Her tears fell fast and heavy to the ground, until she was able to stem the flood. When she peered blearily down again, expecting to see the people all hiding, she was shocked to see them dancing and hugging each other. Wind blew some of their words up to her, and though she couldn’t understand them, she caught the tone. They were happy, joyful words of relief. Wind rustled happily, blowing cool air over the little cloud girl’s face. She smiled slowly. The smile spread over her face and broke into a rainbow, to the further delight of the people below.

Then she shed a few more tears, in joy this time, and waved to the people, even if they couldn’t see her. She laughed, and the sun burst through her cloud and shone down. Then Wind gently blew her away to a new land.


AE (illustration by the author)


5 thoughts on “short story: nuage

  1. timotheous128 says:

    Haha! I love it! 😀 It seems to me you are describing this horrible drought, and the joy we all have when it barely begins to rain. Though I do feel sorry for the little girl, drifting all alone. 😦

    I did enjoy it, though. I laughed at the end. 🙂

  2. OtterMei says:

    I’m glad it made you laugh. And yes, having had a serious lack of rain lately, I was inspired by the joy I felt this afternoon during the brief shower.

  3. Bethie says:

    This is exactly the kind of book I’d read as a child and search bookstores the world over to have in my possession again. I love these kinds of stories! *sniffles* I can totally see it on a bookshelf with lovely illustrations like the one you’ve done.

    Oh yes, I’m kind of stalking your blog now. Hope that’s okay… *awkward smile* I’m enjoying all your writings. 🙂

    • OtterMei says:

      Agreed. I grew up on the classic children’s literature that even adults can enjoy, so I like to write that way too. I have all these pictures in my head for illustrations, but that’s harder to get around to than the actual writing.

      No worries. Feel free to stalk all you want. 😉 Love a blog stalker.

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