the Suggestion

I was sitting in church, when out of the blue came a question: What does a suggestion look like? I wrote this out quickly, so it has room for development, and it’s a bit unfinished as it is. But, regardless, I hope you enjoy.

‘the Suggestion’

“Miss…excuse me, Miss.”

Eileen turned. A small boy, very grimy looking, was tugging at her coat tail.

“Yes?” She said kindly.

“Did you know you have a Suggestion following you?”

She turned slightly to look over her shoulder. Yes, it was there. The accursed thing, with its long, hooded shroud and creeping fingers.

She sighed and nodded.

“Yes, I know it.”

“Did someone give you some unwanted advice?”


“Isn’t that usually what a Suggestion is? They’re loads around. Following almost everyone. Just not kids. They can’t seem to stick to kids.”

This was true. If you ever went out of your way to look at the Suggestions, which was difficult because they were rather horrid, they only seemed to be following a small percentage of the adult population.

“I suppose you’re right. What do you do then, to not have any? There must be a trick to get rid of them. I mean, I don’t like to just write off someone’s advice, especially if it’s well meant.”

“Yes, but a Suggestion, if it’s good at all, will usually just sink right in. You don’t have to worry. But if it hangs around like that, you know it’s bad. Best just to ignore it. Don’t listen to it. It’ll die if no one can hear it, and since it’s yours, you have to do it.”

He ran off then, and Eileen looked thoughtfully at her Suggestion. The face was smeared all around and devoid of color. She huffed irritably at it, and turned away. It floated along drearily after her.



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