grid lines part 3

Part Three. Enjoy, my friends.


He pulled her to her feet and marched briskly in the direction of the silos.

“B-but,” Aurelia stuttered, hurrying to keep up, “but what are they? Buildings? Houses? Grain storage?”

“You need to stop thinking so familiarly,” he replied severely. “Broaden your mind, youngin.”

She huffed. “Fine. If you won’t answer my question, at least tell me your name.”

He paused in his strident march. “Oh right. I’d forgotten that. George.”

“Beg pardon?”

“What? It’s George. G-E-O…”

“Yes, but really?”

“Well, why not?”

“In a place like this,” she began, waving around at the scenery, “with you haranguing me about broadening my mind, I should expect a common name like that? My name’s more interesting than that.”

She wanted to make him angry, partly because he really was insufferable, and partly because she was so angry.

George merely chuckled, which only further maddened her.

“In a land where uncommon things are common to uncommon folk, my common name is quite uncommon.”

She blinked at him. The ridiculousness of that argument just bowled her over. George didn’t notice. He was already several paces ahead, still swinging his arms energetically towards the silos.

Resigned to her unknown fate, Aurelia trundled along after him, dragging her feet in the grass. It wasn’t all childishness on her part to do so, because the grass was apparently actually phosphorescent. It trailed bits of glowy green stuff when you stepped on it, and hovered around your shoes. Charmed, Aurelia kept her eyes on the ground until she ran into George, who had halted by a pool of water. She met his amused eyes and glared.

“What now?” She asked impatiently, irritated at his constant mocking look. She was nearing the end of her rope with all this. After all, she was in another dimension, for all she knew, where physics laws were uprooted and people who lived in your mind talked to you. For real.

He flicked his eyes at the pool. “Thought you might like to see this. Only, watch where you’re going, otherwise you would have really seen what was down there.”

Still eyeing him suspiciously, she edged over to the pool and peered into its depths. At first, all she saw was bits of what looked like white coral glowing and shifting a bit. But then the water cleared enough so she could see what was moving. She gasped in shock.



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