To begin with “I am…this or that,” seems a very shoddy way to try and explain oneself. Sticking to facts might be the least narcissistic way of doing an “about me,” but it’s hardly the most interesting.

But, for now at least, here are the facts. I am twenty. I am in college. I write, as should be apparent by now. Writing is almost everything to me. I may go long periods without actually writing anything, but there’s a pen in my brain and it keeps writing no matter what. Aside from writing, my hobbies would include but not be limited to; knitting, when I get the chance, and only when accompanied by tea, art, when taken by the seizure that is the creative impulse, and reading. My interests, however, would extend to include; sailing and seamanship, linguistics, quantum physics, herbalism, children’s literature, mystery novels and television, international diplomacy, and philosophy.

This blog is a place for me to publish, in a manner of speaking, my works and fancies. You will find artist spotlights, bits of poetry, bits of fiction, and a bit of my rambling on about whatnot.

(NOTE: The original stories, ideas, poems and pictures are MY intellectual and actual property. If you use them in reference or whatever, please cite my website if nothing else. I don’t mind being linked to or shared, but I require that due credit be given. Otherwise, my little green policemen will be knocking at your door before you can say “leprechauns invade.”)

I wish I were British. If I were, I doubt I’d think it so appealing, but being from the other side of the Pond, I find it remarkably attractive. I compensate, however, by drinking lots and lots of tea, reading Agatha Christie and watching Midsomer Murders, practicing my lingo (blimey, barmy, bobby), and fully appreciating Doctor Who and Jeeves and Wooster. 

You can find me, if you want, hunched over my laptop screen, or hunched in bed over a book or notepad. I’ll be a hunchback before you know it…

(Picture copyright Mannequin Effect)


3 thoughts on “about

  1. Angel @ | 77inspire | says:

    lol i like that you wish you were british. Ever since Will and Kate’s wedding my husband and I do this over the top english accent sometimes… Im american and he’s chinese. We sound totally ridiculous 🙂

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